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Top Tips for Mineral Makeup Application

Top Tips for Mineral Makeup Application

Mineral makeup can be intimidating if you’ve never tried it before. Unlike traditional makeup, mineral makeup is in a loose, powder state and requires a brush for application. We’ve put together a few pro tips to help your mineral makeup application look its best.

The first key step to flawless mineral makeup application is ensuring you have a smooth base. By that, we mean that your skin is exfoliated, if necessary, and properly moisturized. This will help not only by eliminating any patchiness, but also help the minerals adhere more readily to the skin. We recommend exfoliating with a gentle cleanser and then applying a daily moisturizer 10 minutes prior to makeup application. Allowing the moisturizer time to soak in is important for the smoothest canvas.

The next important part of mineral makeup application is the tools you use. Which brush and the type of brush you use will impact the outcome of your mineral makeup look. Depending on the amount of coverage desired, we recommend using a synthetic hair makeup brush such as Bellapierre’s Foundation Brush or Kabuki Brush to apply Mineral Foundation. The reason we suggest a synthetic brush is not only because they’re cruelty-free, but because they more evenly dispense makeup onto the skin and are easier to clean because they’re not porous. The Kabuki Brush will offer fuller coverage, while the Foundation Brush gives a lighter one. For Mineral Blush or Mineral Bronzer application, we suggest Bellapierre’s Angled Blush Brush. This is the perfect brush to place pigment exactly where you want it and blends it seamlessly.

Another aspect of mineral makeup is how you apply it. For applying any mineral makeup, we recommend you dispense a small amount of product into the lid. Then, swirl your brush into a small amount of product, tap off any excess, and gently buff it into the skin. The great thing about minerals is that you can build to the desired amount of coverage without it ever looking cakey. So, if you want more foundation coverage or a deeper bronze or blush, just follow the application steps to build up the color as much as you want.

By following these tips, you too can apply mineral makeup like a pro. Fortunately, Bellapierre offers a wide range of mineral makeup, plus all the tools necessary to make mineral makeup application a breeze.

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