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Setting Powder Vs. Finishing Powder

Setting Powder Vs. Finishing Powder

When it comes to makeup, there is a big debate between Setting Powder and Finishing Powder. While each powder may appear to do the same thing, each has its own specific application.

What is Setting Powder?

Setting Powder is used to set your foundation makeup in place so that it can be worn for longer periods of time. Setting Powder works by absorbing the excess oils in your skin, or Liquid Foundation, which prevents your makeup from running and becoming a gloopy mess. Setting Powders can be translucent or tinted to match your skin tone.

What is Finishing Powder?

On the other hand, Finishing Powder is used on top of your completed makeup look to help blur fine lines, conceal pores, and acts like a filter to create a flawless look. While Finishing Powders are not intended for everyday use, they are great for when you will be in front of bright lights and cameras as it helps prevent camera flashbacks. This is especially true if an HD Finishing Powder is used as they are specifically designed to be used with high-definition cameras.

In order to prevent flashbacks, it is recommended that the Finishing Powder be blended well to avoid a dry, cakey appearance.

Which Powder Should I Use?

At bellapierre, we recommend using our Loose Powder Mineral Foundation which works as both a foundation and Setting Powder for everyday use. If you’re going to be on the runway or in front of bright lights and cameras, we recommend using our Translucent HD Finishing Powder to complete your look.

Try bellapierre for yourself today and experience the world of mineral makeup!

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