Bella Blender

Bella Blender

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Bella Blender

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The Bella Blender is a high quality, reusable makeup sponge that is so versatile, it is a must-have for your makeup bag! When dampened with water, it will double in size and can be used to seamlessly blend concealer, cream contour, BB cream, foundation, primer, moisturizer and setting powder.

Directions for use: Wet the Bella Blender with water, then squeeze out excess liquid with hands or a towel. Apply complexion product to face or Bella Blender, then bounce complexion product along the face to blend.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Admin Panel No
colour No
Colour No
Colour No
Non-latex foam
How to clean: When product buildup is visible, wash with mild soap and water, squeezing excess liquid until it runs clear, and allow to dry completely before reuse.

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