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Saint Patrick Day Makeup Tips

Saint Patrick Day Makeup Tips

Saint Patrick's Day, celebrated every year on March 17th, is a cultural and religious holiday that originated in Ireland. It is a day when people wear green, attend parades, and celebrate Irish heritage. Saint Patrick’s Day can be an opportunity for those who enjoy makeup to get creative with green shades and show off their festive spirit. In this article, we will discuss makeup ideas and tips for Saint Patrick's Day.

1. Start with a good base

Before applying makeup, it is essential to start with a good base. Cleanse your face, tone, and moisturize it thoroughly. This will help your makeup to look better and stay on for longer.

2. Go for green shades

Green is the color of the day, so incorporate it into your makeup look. You can go for green eyeshadow, green eyeliner, or even green lipstick. If you're feeling bold, you can try a green glitter eyeshadow or a green smokey eye.

3. Use gold accents

Gold is another color that goes well with Saint Patrick's Day. You can use it to highlight your cheekbones, brow bone, or inner corner of your eyes. A gold shimmer eyeshadow or highlighter can add a beautiful touch to your makeup look.

4. Don't forget about your brows

Your eyebrows are an important part of your makeup look, and you can also incorporate them into your Saint Patrick's Day look. Use a green brow gel to tint your brows green or use a green pencil to fill them in.

5. Add some glitter

Adding some glitter to your makeup can make it look festive and fun. You can use green glitter eyeliner or add some green glitter to your eyeshadow or lips. Just remember to use cosmetic-grade glitter to avoid irritation.

6. Finish with a bold lip

Finish your look with a bold lip if you've gone for green eyeshadow or green eyeliner. You can go for red lipstick or a bold pink shade to make your lips stand out.

7. Set your makeup

Finally, set your makeup with a setting spray to make it last all day.

In conclusion, Saint Patrick's Day is an opportunity to get creative with makeup and incorporate green shades into your look. Whether you're going for a bold green eyeshadow or a subtle green highlight, there are plenty of ways to show off your festive spirit. Just remember to start with a good base, use cosmetic-grade glitter, and finish your look with a bold lip. With these makeup tips, you'll be sure to turn heads on Saint Patrick's Day.

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