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What is Mica Powder?

What is Mica Powder?

Mica is a term that represents all 34 silicate minerals, ranging in colors from silver to purple, and even black. The color of mica is dependent on the specific rock that it is derived from.

To produce mica powder, the silicate minerals are removed from the stone and ground into a powder that resembles very fine glitter. From there, it is ready to be used in a variety of products and acts as a coloring agent or pigment.

Mica Powder Vs. Pigment Powder

Pigment powders are finely ground colors that resemble colored chalk and are used to add pigment to a product. Pigment refers to the actual colors themselves and have names, such as Ultramarine Blue or Cadmium Red. While pigment powders can be produced from mica powder, not all of them are. In fact, some are produced with synthetic ingredients and often have names like Pigment Red 101.

What differentiates mica powder from pigment powders is that mica powders are always made from organic materials and do not contain any synthetic coloring or additives. In recent years, mica powder has been classed as a pigment powder, but not all pigment powders contain mica.

When searching for a naturally pigmented product, look for names such as Ultramarine Blue instead of Pigment Blue 15. This means the natural pigments are much safer, especially when used in products that are applied to the skin.

What is Mica Used for in Makeup Products?

Mica is used to give makeup, such as eyeshadow, its sparkle, and shine. It can have different properties depending on the specific rock it is derived from and how it is processed.

For example, to give mica an earthy, golden color, iron dioxide is added. Covering mica in titanium dioxide allows it to reflect all colors of the rainbow.

Even the size of the particles makes a difference. Larger particles produce a glittery effect, while smaller particles produce a sheen finish.

Does Mica Have Any Side Effects?

Mica is safe for nearly all skin types and can even be applied topically to the eyes and lips. Mica should only be a concern to individuals with sensitive skin as it can cause minor irritation. Because mica is essentially made from crushed rock, it can have microscopic edges that cause micro-tears when applied to the skin in a buffing motion, such as applying foundation.

For these reasons, bellapierre ensures that all the mica powders used in its products are ground to the finest consistency so that it does not cause skin irritation and produces a beautiful, flawless look. In fact, many of the products that bellapierre produces are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types.

Try bellapierre mineral makeup for yourself today and experience the true beauty that nature has to offer.

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