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What is Banana Powder?

What is Banana Powder

With the rising popularity of makeup “baking” techniques on social media, Banana Powder has become quite the topic of discussion as an alternative to translucent setting powders. Banana Powder is a color-correcting setting powder that has a subtle yellow hue and is used to help banish redness, discoloration, or dark spots.

Banana Powder Vs. Translucent Powder

Banana Powder Vs. Translucent Powder

Unlike traditionally used translucent setting powders, which have a whitish hue and can make your skin look chalky or cakey, especially on camera, Banana Powder features a subtle yellow hue to give you an even, flawless complexion that looks natural and does not cause flashback.

What is the Best Banana Powder

How do I use Banana Powder?

To use Banana Powder, tap some powder into the lid. Using a fluffy brush or sponge, pick up a small amount of powder and gently press over any areas that you want to set or color correct. For all day wear applications, we recommend “baking” your Banana Powder for up to 10 minutes. To “bake” your Banana Powder, apply to face, let sit 5-10 minutes to absorb any oils, and remove excess powder with a clean brush.

What is the Best Banana Powder?

Unlike many competitors, bellapierre produces Banana Powder in a variety of shades to match any complexion. In addition, we now offer it in a Compact Powder form to complement our best-selling Loose Powder Banana Powder so that there is a Banana Powder for everyone.

Try it for yourself today and see why millions of customers love bellapierre’s Banana Setting Powder!

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