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The most versatile makeup product: Shimmer Powder

The most versatile makeup product: Shimmer Powder

Bellapierre’s Shimmer Powder is one of the company’s hero products, and is loose mineral pigment that has a wide range of uses. Loose powder can be slightly intimidating to the average makeup wearer. Afterall, who wants to deal with the potential of making a huge mess with ultra-glittery eyeshadow? While that is somewhat of a risk, once you know the benefits and tips for usage, Shimmer Powders are sure to become one of your go-to makeup items.

Shimmer Powder is made up of a combination of three main mineral pigments, which have been finely milled and sourced for purity. These mineral pigments are Mica, Titanium Dioxide, and Iron Oxides. Depending upon the shade, some Shimmer Powders contain additional ingredients for color such as Carmine or Ultramarines. Since Shimmer Powders are comprised of such few ingredients (without any fillers), the color payoff is truly unlike anything else.

The most common way to use Shimmer Powder is as an eyeshadow. And, with 46 shades available you’re guaranteed to find the perfect hues for your every mood. Shimmer Powders can be used wet or dry as an eyeshadow, depending on the intensity you’re after. If you want a more subtle, natural look then dry is preferable. For a high-impact punch of pigment, dampen your brush slightly prior to application. This will create a more paint-like texture and will make the pigments appear shinier.

Shimmer Powders can also be used as blush or bronzer. There are numerous beautiful pink and nude shades that when applied with an angled brush are absolutely stunning as a dewy blush or glowing bronzer. Our top picks for blush are the shades: Desire, Earth, Deja Vous, and Reddish. For bronzer, we’d grab: Cocoa, Harmony, or Bronze.

Another way to wear your favorite Shimmer is as a lip color. Simply mix any shade on a palette with clear lip gloss or lip balm and then apply to lips using a small makeup brush. Our favorite shades for lip color are any of the pinks or purples. Or if you’re feeling daring, one of the darker blues or golds! You can also mix colors, such as Desire and Cinnabar to get a custom shade that looks awesome.

With so many options for application, Shimmer Powders are without a doubt the most versatile product Bellapierre has to offer. And with such a great value and range of colors, they’re a must-have for any makeup collection.

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