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The Next Generation of Mineral Make-up!

We are your go to source, for mineral makeup. As your mineral makeup shop, you can count on the best mineral makeup selection. Our mineral makeup is part of our all natural cosmetic's line. Our mineral makeup gives you an amazing look, while it enhances the health of your skin. We have great mineral makeup, for your lips, eyes, and your entire face. Enjoy all of the great features, provided by the best mineral makeup in the industry.

We manufacture and produce all of our mineral makeup. This means we can constantly shift our attention, to the latest in mineral makeup trends. We produce the best mineral makeup, which coincides with the hottest beauty trends. We provide our customers with a professional mineral makeup appearance. Professional, because our mineral cosmetics give you a subtle look, which enhances the natural beauty of your face. If you're looking to take your look to the next level, we are happy to help.

We have a great line of Mineral make up brushes and accessories. When our mineral makeup brushes and accessories are paired, with our outstanding mineral makeup, our customers get optimum results. We have a section of our website dedicated to tips and other mineral makeup advice. We want our mineral makeup customers to look and feel great. Our tips and great mineral makeup products make this possible.

Natural makeup is among the most sought after kind today, given all the goodness and purity it comes packaged with. The scope of mineral makeup is today growing to encompass every variant that the market brings, allowing for variety in kind and selection.

Bellapierre brings you the best mineral makeup, including the most comprehensive range of natural makeup that keeps you looking youthful and glowing. With the promise of superlative quality and value for money, Bellapierre delivers the best mineral makeup and all that it claims, where most others fail. Bellapierre defines mineral makeup and packages all its virtues with love.

Bellapierre Cosmetics

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  • Shimmer Powder - Reddish

    Shimmer Powder - Reddish

  • Shimmer 9 Stack

    Shimmer 9 Stack

  • Mineral Foundation

    Mineral Foundation

  • Compact Mineral Foundation

    Compact Mineral Foundation

  • Mineral Blush

    Mineral Blush

  • Compact Mineral Blush

    Compact Mineral Blush

  • Mineral Bronzer

    Mineral Bronzer

  • Compact Mineral Bronzer

    Compact Mineral Bronzer

  • Angled Blush Brush

    Angled Blush Brush

  • Makeup Base

    Makeup Base

  • Get Started Kit

    Get Started Kit

  • Get the Look kits

    Get the Look kits

  • Shimmer Powders

    Shimmer Powders

  • All over Eyes and Face kit

    All over Eyes and Face kit

  • Eye Brow Liner set (a Set of 2 for $25)

    Eye Brow Liner set (a Set of 2 for $25)

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price: $25.00

  • Complete Bronzing kit (for face and body)

    Complete Bronzing kit (for face and body)

  • Mascara


  • 3 Eye Shadows Palette

    3 Eye Shadows Palette

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price: $12.50

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